Hello, I'm Laraine!

I'm a Montreal-based instructional designer
who's passionate about puzzles, pedagogy, and people.


My design philosophy

Design is more than just making things look cool—it's problem-solving.
I believe in the power of storytelling, empathy is at the root of every solution, and technology provides tools that support (not replace) human experiences.



Brainstorms & ideation
Working with my hands
Behind-the-scenes work


Instructional design
Performance improvement
Content and graphic design
Learning event planning


DFHPLearn by Julie Dirksen
Ethics in design
Red Table Talk
30 Rock
Dungeons & Dragons



Growing up, I loved arts & crafts. I used to design Myspace templates for my friends in MS Paint. In high school, my CommTech teacher encouraged me to join the yearbook committee, and then to pursue a design degree. In first year, my typography professor said I have "the ingredients". Ever since, I've been trying out different recipes. In 2012, I graduated from the York University/Sheridan College Bachelor of Design program. Then I went on to work as an in-house designer on the marketing team at a healthcare software company. Along the way, I discovered my fascination with bridging design and education. This has led me to my current pursuit of a master’s degree in Educational Technology at Concordia University and an internship as a Learning and Design Associate at Pure & Applied.