Challenge: Bridge the gap between print and digital media



Arkansas Children's Hospital
Case Study

Creative Fields

3D Paper Modeling
Creative Direction

Research & Inspiration

Paper art
Measuring/extending consumer engagement


This is one of my favourite projects. It's a case study about how Arkansas Children's Hospital went from their paper-based reporting system to using RL6 software. Along the paper theme, I hand-crafted all imagery assets used in this project. The visual tone feels fun and playful, which also suits how it's about a children's hospital. 


How we achieved holistic design:

  1. We took inspiration from the actual content and message. This led us to explore paper mediums and how to translate it digitally.

  2. We extended the experience for measurable benefits. Instead of ending the experience at the print brochure, we're able to track metrics and engagement of people viewing the online case study.

  3. Collaboration. Without working closely with the content writers, developers, and other designers, the execution of this project would have lacked certain aspects that make a big impact. For example, our developer suggesting a long scroll parallax gave us the idea to do a bird's-eye view of the paper town for the landing page.

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