Challenge: Create a job-aid package for novice performance consultants



The Cut-Out Toolkit for Novice Performance Consultants


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Interviews with Sonia Di Maulo and Mark Britz


For a group project in my Performance Consulting course at Concordia, we created a toolkit that contains several mini job-aids to help novice performance consultants thrive in their careers. The job-aids are organized in four categories; better performance, client relationships, business & practice, and industry & network.

The beauty of this toolkit is that everything is designed to be cut out so that users can keep them in their notebooks, use them during client meetings, pin them to their bulletin boards, or save them as digital screenshots. Users are also encouraged to add to the job-aids and create their own using the blank templates provided.


What I learned:

  1. Synthesis of information, such as for job-aids, is an iterative process. So be patient, simplify, and only keep the essentials.

  2. When it comes to performance consulting, never underestimate the importance of communication and relationship-building.

  3. As a consultant, stay true to your ethics and principles. It's okay to turn down a project if the client is not a good culture fit for you (or vice versa).

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