Challenge: Help millennial women boost their financial literacy and confidence



#MyFirstTime Campaign


Educational campaign
Communication design
Video development

Research & Inspiration

Financial literacy
Social media campaigns


For a group project in my Principles of Educational Message Design course at Concordia, we researched the gender gap when it comes to financial literacy in Canada. A study showed that majority of women want to learn more about finances but refrain from talking about their finances with others (Kelton Global, 2015). We designed an online social media campaign to challenge the conventional perspective and hesitancy towards talking about finances. The “My First Time” campaign uses wordplay as a playful icebreaker to encourage posts of stories about first times dealing with finances.

Our online press kit would be sent to social media influencers who have a large following of millennial women for informational, promotional and engagement purposes. The press kit is a digital landing page with two bite-sized videos that provide an explanation of the importance of financial literacy, especially for Canadian millennial women.


What I learned:

  1. Financial literacy has three dimensions; knowledge, skills, and confidence.

  2. For effective financial education interventions, it is important to promote critical-thinking because an overestimation of knowledge or confidence can lead to risky financial decisions.

  3. How to conduct a gap analysis using the “Resource, User, Task, and Organization” model.

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