Challenge: Redesign an existing package to have a dual purpose



Ice Pop Package Redesign

Creative Fields

Package design

Research & Inspiration

Observing natural human behaviour to wrap a bunch of napkins around a melting
icecream to avoid sticky hands


For my Package Design course at YSDN, I redesigned the package for Popsicle®’s “on-the-go” product line. Other than storing the ice pop, the package also forms a drip-catcher when the user opens and tears away perforated sections. It improves the experience of eating an ice pop by solving the problem of having sticky hands after eating the melting treat.


What I learned:

  1. Stop planning in your head and start doing with your hands.

  2. Consider how to optimize your net template for least amount of excess or waste.

  3. Good design balances aesthetics with functionality.

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