Challenge: Plan and facilitate a problem-based learning experience for students to apply design-thinking to healthcare



RL Design Jam


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In partnership with the York/Sheridan Program in Design, we designed and facilitated a one-day workshop where students were able to apply the design-thinking process towards real-world healthcare challenges.

Students teamed up with RL staff to form interdisciplinary groups to tackle one of these questions:
1: How can we measure pain in patients with communication barriers? 
2: How can we improve the walk-in waiting room experience?

It was a day full of brainstorming, knowledge-sharing, connection building, and fun!


What I learned:

  1. When students are given the opportunity to break out of their standardized curriculum, explore real-world projects, and collaborate with professionals in a field different from their own, they are empowered to put theory into practice and encouraged to think differently.

  2. The way a question or challenge is posed is sometimes just as important as the question itself.

  3. Working in interdisciplinary teams with people coming from different backgrounds of knowledge and experience can lead to the most comprehensive and well-rounded solutions.

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