Challenge: Encourage cross-departmental collaboration in a growing company



RLements Housing System


Organizational culture campaign
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Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses
Team-building techniques


At RL, a culture of teamwork and strong relationships is priority. As the company continues to grow, fostering a tight knit community is a challenge. Especially with the office expanding to multiple floors.

I co-led an initiative that encourages collaboration amongst employees— a housing system called the RLements. We used persona branding to create 8 houses that represent different qualities and traits of RL. Team-building activities and friendly competitions are hosted throughout the year. This gives employees opportunity to interact with people outside of their daily circles, meet new people, and give new employees an immediate sense of belonging.


What I learned:

  1. Don't try to force or plan everything. There's beauty in organic participation. We were pleasantly surprised how everyone rallied behind their house, and even organized their own potlucks. Go Ignitus!

  2. Be decisive about what your brand is and is not. At one point, each house was juggling too many traits. After many iterations, we refined them to simple and distinct brands. This also makes it easier for people to identify and relate to their house.

  3. Work hard together, play hard together. Giving employees a chance to play and get to know each other will help team morale and productivity. It's easier to work with someone outside of my department if we can bond over the time we won a sleigh ride race together.

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