Challenge: Goodbye to stock photography on a corporate website


Title Redesign

Creative Fields

Creative Direction

Research & Inspiration

Top-down still life photography


For RL Solutions corporate website redesign, I was involved in the production of the hero banner imagery. With all our projects, we aim to keep design production in-house so everything is authentic and custom to RL. We conceptualized creative ways to represent our company and products, and showcase screenshots of the software. We incorporated branded materials, such as notebooks and swag, to emphasize that these photos are truly unique. The video banners are all footage taken in our office, or at events with our clients. The custom imagery gives the website a fresh feel, with opportunity for continuous discovery.


What I learned:


Don’t settle for stock assets or photography. Originality helps brands feel authentic and genuine.


Delight by discovery gives memorable user experiences.


Top-down photography requires a good, sturdy tripod.