Challenge: Plan & facilitate an experiential learning event for young entrepreneurs



upGen Bootcamp


Instructional design
Learning event planning
Design thinking

Research & Inspiration

Design sprints


In collaboration with the UpstartED team, I helped design the learning experience for their upGen bootcamp event. The event provided an opportunity for students to develop their competencies in entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and sustainability by working in teams to come up with a business idea. On the last day of the event, they pitched their ideas and the winning teams were accepted in to the upGen Incubator program.
There were various workshops that covered a range of topics including design, product development, marketing, sales, and finance. Working with each workshop facilitator, I guided them on how to deliver their content in a way that is active and optimizes learning for our audience.


What I learned:

  1. When designing learning experiences, especially for younger audiences, it is important to make it as active as possible. “How would you teach this without any slides?”

  2. Be conscious of how the fast-paced learning experience of a bootcamp structure often leads to information overload and fatigue. Make sure to set priorities on key takeaways, eliminate the unnecessary, and give time for breaks and play.

  3. When delivering content to novices, avoid industry jargon and focus on foundational concepts.

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