Challenge: Synthesize the state of knowledge about analytics from video-based learning 



Big Data Analytics of
Video-Based Learning


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Video-based learning
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For my Distance Education course at Concordia, I wrote a literature review about big data analytics of video-based learning. This topic is relevant and informative for teachers, instructional designers, e-learning producers, and educational institutions because video continues to develop as an essential tool in this digital age and the education industry is relying more on data and analytics for decision-making.

To make the information more digestible, I created an infographic that synthesizes the key content from the paper. By summarizing the information in a visually-engaging way, this infographic intends to help the target audience understand, remember, and share the information. 


What I learned:

  1. The capability of video to present concepts as stories facilitate a vicarious experience for learning and problem-solving.

  2. The differences between descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive data.

  3. When we think of communication skills, we commonly think of writing, public-speaking, negotiating, conversing, etc. Synthesis as a form of communication is underestimated but also valuable to practice.

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